Hoffmann Green zero clinker low carbon concrete pour

Hoffmann Green zero clinker low carbon concrete pour

Cemblend recently announced the fourth low-carbon concrete pour on the Hemspan development in Burrough Green. With our concrete supply partners SRC using our Hoffmann Green zero clinker cement the pour was a huge success..

Cemblend proudly announced their partnership with Hoffmann Green back in 2023, making us the exclusive UK distributor of this innovative, clinker-free decarbonated cement.

Experienced Technical Consultant, Geoff Richardson, explains ‘Hoffmann Green are a company who were set up several years ago, specifically to decarbonise concrete binders. It’s not fair to call it an ordinary cement – it’s not – it’s an alkali-activated binder. The resulting mix has a much lower carbon footprint than a conventional concrete”.

Geoff goes on to explain that the look of the concrete is much the same as you would expect from traditional concrete. Even the handling and placement of the concrete are identical but the real point of difference for the industry is that the material arrives ready for use as a single powder (stored in typical silos) and doesn’t require an additional activator. The material is produced through a conventional concrete plant in the usual time period and also through volumetric vehicles.

Cemblend is pleased to have worked with SRC as a production partner on this project. Cemblend provides the product, the mix design and the technical support while SRC’s role has been to manufacture and deliver the product to the site.

The importance and significance of this type of concrete is the reduction in carbon and the impact it has on the environment. A mix like this will be less than half the carbon level of a normal mix.”

Geoff richardson – Cemblend, technical consultant

At the forefront of providing blended powders and more specifically, alkali-activated materials, Cemblend are proud to have been involved in this incredible, low-carbon project. 

Breaking environmental barriers in the UK construction market is a priority right at the top of Cemblend’s list, and this concrete pour using zero clinker cement is a huge step in the right direction.


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