Cemblend was started in January 2020 by Simon and Matt, since then we have grown with the support of our clients and the market overall. The majority of us have ‘industry’ history working with major building material businesses. We are focused on delivering  customer requirements to the best of our ability and as sustainably as possible. We are focused on working within our community and developing long term relationships with our customers and supply chain in line with our mission, vision and values as a business.







  • Vision Statement: To activate change within the built  environment, creating a more secure and sustainable future.
  • Mission Statement: Delivering material innovation, challenging the current operational standards and promoting collaboration to support the journey to a better construction industry.
  • We’re devoted to the community around us, ensuring that we always prioritise the needs of our people, clients and partners.
  • Our high level of service is what ultimately allows us to nurture our relationships, innovate and inspire the industry to make positive changes.
  • Our team believe that collaboration and agility are essential for strengthening partnerships, pioneering bold ideas and creating opportunities.
  • Working with integrity, we consistently deliver outstanding quality products and solutions that are of sustainable benefit to the built environment.

Our values are deeply rooted in sustainability, we’re devoted to aiding the journey to a better construction industry through the innovation and creation of bespoke blends designed to be more secure and sustainable. We want to help activate positive change within the built environment. By delivering material innovation and challenging current operational standards, we’re helping create a built environment that’s, in one word, better. We’re devoted to the community around us, providing only the highest level of service, collaboration and working with integrity. These values will ensure that we’re able to nurture relationships, prioritise our people, clients and partners, make positive impacts on the construction industry, pioneer new ideas and deliver solutions that are of sustainable benefit.



Simon Boulter

Simon spent the best of 20 years importing and selling cement before picking up his bucket and spade and trying his hand at quarrying and restoration. Following a desire to not work in an office Simon had a brief stint building extensions before realising that winters were really cold and he was actually better suited to cement. After doing some industry related consultancy he joined forces with Matt to set up Cemblend in January 2020.

Outside of Cemblend, Simon enjoys lifting heavy things and trying to not fall off his mountain bike. He’s too old for his main sporting love Rugby but tries to relive the glory days at touch rugby once a week.


Matthew Cunningham

Matt spent his formative years of education in Edinburgh where he got a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  From this he joined a consulting engineer and then a major heavy building materials producer. With 15 years in the group, a brief stint out of the industry and a gnawing passion for all things cement, Matt and Simon re-kindled their ‘working’ relationship and Cemblend was born.

When he’s not been miserable Matt enjoys pretending to watch Rugby, Cricket or Football whilst drinking beer and talking about barbeques.  An occasional runner, more often a walker, Matt can be found most weekends walking his dog Autumn around Leicestershire.


John Godbert

John has been around for a very long time. In fact for too many years he has been helping, supporting, growing, developing and enjoying Cement, GGBFS, Aggregates, Asphalt, Readymix and Concrete Products businesses across the UK and Northern Europe.

Obviously he has been reinvigorated by getting stuck in to all things Cemblend but in what’s left of his spare time he is a local Scout leader and officially the last remaining Leeds United fan.  John loves collecting anything that takes his fancy (mainly terrible jokes) and walking Bonnie The Dog. Did you know he walked to Everest Base Camp for his 50th birthday?


Jo Bevan

With 20 years  experience working in the Construction Industry, mostly as a Personal Assistant, after the pandemic and following a brief chat in a sunny tearoom garden with Matt, John and Simon,  Jo has somehow ended up joining the team at Cemblend – faces from the past, looking forward to the future, handling the challenges a new small business brings whilst trying to keep the team in order and follow a system!  Anyone who knows Simon and Matt  will understand this is no easy feat  but we are growing and learning every day.  Fortunately she has a strange love of pivot tables, formulas and spreadsheets, even one that records our bacon sandwich consumption.

Outside of work I am learning to play the piano, something I have been doing for a very long time and as with all things, if I practiced more, I’d be much better at this than I am.  Suffice to say there won’t be any recitals anytime soon.


Craig Dawson

Craig has a long and illustrious career that lead to him joining the Cemblend team as the 1st person in after Simon and Matt set things up. Having worked together in their past lives it was a natural progression when the business was growing and a safe pair of hands was needed to pick up the pieces created by the directors’ unique approach to managing the business. Starting from scratch, Craig has been instrumental in delivering the fantastic level of service Cemblend customers benefit from and has supported the growth of the team as the business has grown.

He will try and tell you that he should have been a professional footballer and Leicester don’t know what they missed out on but we all know he would never win a header….. Craig is actually a real life superhero having recently adopted 2 beautiful little girls. He is now surviving on no sleep and no social life but says it’s 100% worth it.


Lee Blackburn

Lee has spent 15 years in UKAS accredited construction material testing laboratories. This time was mainly spent testing all types of soil and aggregates from around the UK against relevant British standards and Highways specs.

He has Inert landfill WAMITAB/CIWM (TCM coverage) and a certificate in advanced waste classification of soils from CIWM.

Before copying Matt’s (lack of) hairstyle Lee had long hair which went hand in hand with a record deal as he was the bassist in the most successful band you’ve never heard of. These days he loves running and boxing but hates raw onions and open windows. Please don’t put the toilet roll on the wrong way on the holder when he comes to visit.


Sarah Hardy

One of the newest member of the team, Sarah has over 17 years experience working in the building industry. She is currently learning how ‘unique’ Cemblend is but this isn’t stopping her from getting properly stuck in! When she isn’t in the office she loves spending time with her partner Andy and their dog Maya. Luckily for us she also enjoys doing word and number puzzles, important skills in this line of work!

When she goes on holiday you are more than likely to see her on the piste but never, ever, and we mean never, eating Marmite.


Geoff Richarson

Geoff has been trying to retire for as long as we’ve known him (which is a very long time!). He has over 50 years experience in the construction industry of which more than 40 has been in senior technical management positions. In his own words he loves the opportunity to pass on knowledge and experience to the benefit of individuals or project development. The rest of the Cemblend team have given him ample opportunity to improve their knowledge!!

Unfortunately, Geoff hates growing older and is still young in spirit….if not body. You’ll never catch him playing darts but sailing, watching rugby, game fishing, music, cooking and studying geomorphology are well up on his to do list. Having the occasional beer, wine and/or G&T very much helps him keep active!


Ian Mitchell

Ian has been in the building industry for the best part of 25 years. Ian has been involved in sales for a vast variety of materials and on many different types of builds from single apartment floors to aircraft hangers to multi-million pound developments!

Ian has predominantly looked after business accounts by the coast, down to his choice of job roles and love of the sea. Ian decided to broaden his horizons and look inland to Cemblend …. although he’s still desperate to go coast to coast.

When not at sea, Ian loves walks with his rescue dog Willow, Sunday lunches and time with the family. If he can get near the coast with Willow, then Jours Heureux (in other words happy days!).


Autumn the Dog

Autumn is a young cockerpoo who has grown up with Cemblend, helping the team to get their steps up during the week and can often be found trying to assist with a reduced calorie intake. Autumn can often be found next to anyone with food on their desk and sniffing around the bins.


Diana Hardziejewicz

After 10 years of working with access panels, it was time for a fresh start for Diana. Likes solving problems for customers and is always happy to help with all the skills gained over the years. Cemblend opened new opportunities and has a great team of people to work with.

Diana moved to England from Poland 18 years ago speaking little English. When not at work she can be found jetting off to new destinations, reading or having a glass of prosecco or two!
Loves flowers, sunshine, cake and good music also the occasional walk with alpacas. Diana has successfully jumped out of a plane for a skydive, ridden in a hot air balloon and is always thinking about what to do next!

Like Vicki I hate littering and, similarly to Sarah, I beleive marmite should NOT be a thing!